Since You Went Away

Written by Michael S. Hysinger


Since you went away

It seems a year its been a day and

I know you said were through

But I still hope to be with you again

I know Ill see you soon

And youll be happy too, Youll see

For you still love me


I see you now turning around, trying to come back to me

I see your smile, you know very soon together well be

I hope that Im not deceiving myself cant live without you


I remember when

I first saw you you smiled and then

You turned to walk away

But then you turned back as though to stay

Your eyes they held me there

Where are they now? I still see them smile

Still see you looking at me


So now Im sure that youre on your way back to me

Youll be here soon I think I mean I know youre coming Youll see

I could be wrong but Im Im not willing to see


Im waiting waiting here for you

Tell me tell me were not through

Im still in love with you

The truth is its just not true


Since you went away

Dont feel like talking Ive got nothing to say

I feel the emptiness

Of where you stood your warm caress

Is what I miss the most

Im not deceiving myself Im really not deceiving myself - When I say


That you are here right beside me telling me you love me again

I see you clearly standing reaching out to hold my hand

And I still feel the storm Its raining inside and outside too

Outside you


Since you went away

It seems like years - been sixty days

I know youre coming back, I think, I mean Im sure

Youll see Oh please