Various Short Poems/Sayings from 1991 - 2005:





I Pause,


to reflect on the Mystery of Life


. . . and I never return







If you grab the reins of life too tightly

It will never go anywhere







These eyes have passed many tears,

many tiers.







I am the barrier

That stops the inner world

From flowing to the outer







If I could dive into the deep blue sky

Of my mind what would I find?


And if I fall into the deep dark hole

Of my Soul where will I go?








She speaks softly of sadness

as the sky pours itself upon her

She bleeds from the hole in her heart

as her suffering slowly devours her


The sadness dies down

then fresh, like a child

the morning star appears

lighting the sky

reflecting for her eyes to behold

and its Magic inspires once more


The interior I

With heart free from suffering

Wakens with a laugh







When the fog lifts

Can you actually See the clearness?







always being right

is one of the most difficult diseases to cure







Put your hand in the fire of healing

open your heart

and let the flame

slowly burn

devouring desire


forget anger and suffering

they are but illusions

Realize we know nothing

then send your self to the sea

to die in the cool breeze

so that your true soul may be born

of hot ashes, water and light








The death

the going under

the dancing waves -








I turn the Key

the key which locks me in

and I wonder why Im trapped

within these walls of loneliness









The search for the answer

brings about much laughter

when we realize

We dont even Know the Question









Naked feet, dancing in the waves

they have the answer:

there is no answer

only the sound of naked feet

dancing in the waves






In Archery, as in anything

We practice to perfect the poise

But completion comes

Only with the perfect release