Save The Next Dance For Me

(Dedicated To The Love Of My Life – JLB)

Written by Michael S. Hysinger



Touching your hand as we dance in the sand by the sea – silently

The light hits your eyes from the full moon that’s rising above

Shining down on our love

Holding you near – I whisper into your ear

Will you save the next dance for me


Stars fill the sky as the colors and light fade away – with the day

We walk in the breeze with your love warming me from inside

Where I feel so alive

Sounds of the waves – as they dance around our embrace

Will you save the next dance for me


All I want is to dance my whole life through

Just as long as I only dance with you

And after each dance I will ask for the next

And each time I ask if you always say yes

It means that I’ll always be dancing with you - dancing forever more


Walking on air as our little dog Behr chases waves – in the haze

I reach for your hand and I ask you to dance once one more time

Say you’ll always be mine

Waves kiss the shore – I kiss you and ask you once more

Will you save the next dance

Save the next dance

Always save the next dance for me