Into The Sun

Written by Michael S. Hysinger –



I dreamt I saw a moonlit stair – A Dervish called me there to show me

He took me to an unknown place where neither time nor space could hold me


I saw a world so full of light – No need to fear no need to fight  … Am I dreaming?

The Dervish spoke and set me free – He taught me what it means to be

My soul was burning full of life and now I fell the fire inside     …It’s burning



And now I try to live that way in this world full of hate and greed

The things I learned while I was there with you I’ll try to share the seed


He said inside we’re all the same – We just can’t see it yet someday we will

And when we do we’ll finally see that love is what will set us free

If we open up our mind - our hearts are close behind     … We’re learning




And as I walked into the sun it burned into my soul

I heard the song begin, my heart fell open


I felt the coldness melt away  -   the warmth began to flow

It spread from deep within –  and now surrounds me


And now to you my friend I say, “Love will show us how”

Touch the flaming sun and feel the burning


Now look inside what do you see – An eagle flying high

A shooting star which falls into the ocean


So now the day of love has dawned – A new world has begun

The eagle flies away into the sun


And while we’re walking hand in hand I look into your eyes

The love is flowing there and here and everywhere