A Single Word

Written by Michael S. Hysinger – michaelhysinger@yahoo.com



If I try to heal the world with a single word

What would that be

And do you think what I try to do is really so absurd

Can you see

How I try to set the whole world free

But it’s not up to me without You

Together we will set it free


If I try to heal my heart with a simple song

What would I sing

And do you think maybe if we all learn to sing along

That everything

Would just change before our very eyes

And then we’d realize that all along

All we seek will be revealed in our song – In our song


If I sing into your soul with a single note

Or melody

Would you reach out your hand to show that there’s still hope

And then we’d see

That there’s still time to live our lives in peace

Oh hate and war would cease to be real

And we’d see what our song could reveal


A life where love begins

To change our lives within – Let us heal

Let’s begin to believe and make it real – Oh yeah

As we sing our new song let us feel – Oh let us see

Love is real