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Pop Rock:
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All I Need Is A Miracle
I'm Still Loving You
Something Good
Rainbow's End
Maybe It's Better - written by Hysinger/Davis
Goodbye To Hollywood
Falling Fast
A Little Magic
Find Me - written by Hysinger/Davis
Just Another Lonely Day
The Way She Looks At Me
Delirium - Written by Hysinger/Davis
Save The Next Dance For Me (Dedicated to my Love - JLB)
Lost In The Photograph - Written by Hysinger/Davis
Brightest Star in the Southern Sky
Don't Let Forever Take Too Long
I Want To Be A Rock Star
When You're There
Breaking Into Your Heart
Pacific Coast Highway (Instrumental)
Live For Today
A Place Where Gravity Drops
Ordinary Woman (Sample)
Ordinary Woman (Complete Song)
Things That Were Never Told (Sample)
Just Want To Be Myself Again
Zeroing In
Undeniably You
We Make Love Appear
There's A Man
Cell Phone
I'll Try Again (Sample)
Take Me There (Sample)
Games We Used To Play
I Really Don't Think I Care
Over Over Again
Everyone Knows The Way I Feel
Impossible Dream (Sample)
The Way That I Feel
Another Hole In My Heart
Words That You Whispered
Can You Show Me How To Fly
Down Into The Town
When The Sun Comes Up
Sunshine Girl
Show Me What Love Is
Broken Pieces
Into The Groove

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Ballads & Slow Pop/Rock:
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Do You Still Think Of Me  - Singer 1
Do You Still Think Of Me  - Singer 2
Extraordinary Life
A Place Where Gravity Drops
Dreams of Love We Knew
You Turn Me
The Rain (Sample)
Words Collide
Another Lonely Year
Looking for Love
Every Time I Hear Your Name
Never Goes To Church On Sunday
How Do You Leave It All Behind
The Way To You (Full Song)
The Way To You (Sample)
Every Time I Think Of You (Sample)
Every Time I Think Of You (Complete Song)
What Grows/Time To Be Free (Sample)
A Mother's Song
The Beauty In Your Eyes
Leaving Thoughts of Yesterday Behind
Since You Went Away (Sample)
Since You Went Away (Full Song)
Take It Away
Painting Pictures
The Only Cure Is You
Austin Rose -
Written by Davis/Hysinger
Reflections of Me
Quiet Moments
Grey Lady
Into The Sun
All I Really Wanted Was You
In My Dreams
No Place Like Home/A Little Bit Easier
Memory of You
Your Dreams
A Single Word
Over Now
Here It Comes Again
Soundtrack for My Life
Star Song
After The Rain
Can't Seem to Cry These Tears Away
Don't Let Our Love Disappear

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