Prisms 1
Listen to the opening of "I Start To Under-
stand" for a sample of the sound of the oud.

Reflections on Madonna

Acoustic Light Circles
The "Saz" is a Turkish fretted lute,
usually having 7 strings arranged in
two double courses and one triple
course. The picture to the right is a
short-necked saz. There are several
sizes ranging from a very large
"Divan" saz to a very small "Cura",
which is similar to the Greek
"Baglama". In Turkish "Baglama" is
the term for the medium sized Saz
instruments, such as the one in the
picture. In Iran there is also a very
similar instrument called a "Setar".
This instrument looks and sounds
like the Turkish saz but is played
differently. To confuse the issue
even more the term "Saz" merely
means "Instrument" in Farsi. All of
these instruments have a bright
sound and can range from delicate
to a very full sound. Listen to the
opening of "Long Journey Home"
for a sample of this sound.
The "Oud" is a Middle Eastern fretless lute,
usually having 11 strings (this one goes up to
11!) arranged in double courses similar to a
12-string guitar, the lowest string being a
single string due to the string thickness.

Surfboards and Shadows

Blue Globe

Light through Blinds Reflecting in a Plate of Water
Oud Back
Oud Front

Reflections of Florence

Water Dance 1
Hysinger Music - Lakes & Tr

Water Dance 2

Hysinger Music - Light

Photos by Michael Hysinger