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Music Samples  - Enjoy samples (demos) of my music ranging from Pop to
Ethnic to Jazz to Classical. (Note: none of this music may be used without my
permission as I still hold the "First Use" rights. Please contact me if you find a song
you wish to record.)

Photo Page - Click here to view some of my photos. (I plan to keep adding
photographs to the Photos page and maybe some of my travel photos or paintings.
Keep checking back to see what's been updated.)

Clicking on any underlined words will open a link, either a song (mp3 file), a lyric sheet,
or a photo. Clicking on an underlined Song Title will stream the song in a new browser
window and you can continue to browse the site. I hope you enjoy the songs & lyrics. I
was trying to write as many different styles of songs as I could but focused mostly on
pop songs.
*Written by Hysinger/Davis
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Welcome to my Web Page!
This Website is dedicated to my creative
endeavors and I will keep updating it with new
songs. Here is a
Woodwind Quintet I recently
completed. I plan to add new photos to the Photo
Page. Enjoy my creations and keep coming back
to see what's new!
Maybe It's Better
*Written by Hysinger/Davis
It's possible to see music in everything!
♪     ♫